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Act I - Scene I - A Week Before the Feast

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Daethon toils with his fellow servants who are preparing for the return of King Haelan & his family. His daily life is filled with the drudgery of servitude but he is a dreamer, and as he works he is constantly distracted into dreams. As the overture finishes and the scene opens Daethon is polishing boots in the corner whilst the other servants clean and dance with their brooms. The musical rhythm conveys the constant ticking of the clock as the time wears on but as Daethon’s mind wanders into dreams the surroundings fade away and he dances in his imagination in the spotlight of his mind; he dances to show just how much he desires the Prince and does all this by expressing his feelings for the boot he is holding until suddenly his dream is broken when the Head of the Household comes in. The Head of the Household roughly disciplines Daethon for his clumsiness, and as the scene ends Daethon once more resumes his musings and with boot in hand as a representation of his love he is standing on stage only to get a clip round the ear from the Head of the Household with the final note of the piece before he shuffles off stage with the Head of the Household shaking his head behind him.

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