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Vinyasa Sequencing Middle Option 2

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Here is another option for sequencing during the middle of your class. Whether you are teaching or practicing alone, it's good to have some ideas and options. Bear in mind that you could use Vinyasa sequences as an extended warm up for Hatha classes on cold days or during morning hours, when the body takes a while to warm up.

Points to mention: Notice the back foot is at 45 degrees throughout the flow. This happens often in sequences that are fast-paced. If you wish to slow this down and turn the foot out to 90 degrees for asanas such as: Triangle and Warrior II, please feel free to do so. The point is: Precise alignment takes time and you will have to slow the pace in order to accomplish it.

Also, notice the model's heels do not reach the floor. Yoga teachers must be aware of the fact that some students and teachers cannot reach the floor due to a variety of anatomical reasons, including skeletal compression within the ankle joint.

The Value of Yoga Asana Sequences

With more people looking to become fit while also finding ways to relieve stress in their lives, the practice of yoga has become increasingly popular. Whether it's a young adult or a senior citizen, chances are yoga can offer them more benefits than they ever imagined. However, to gain the most benefits possible from yoga, a person needs to have an understanding of the value of yoga asana sequences.

One of the biggest values of the yoga asana sequence is a slowing down of the aging process. If there is one thing people everywhere want to avoid, it's getting older. To help with this, the yoga asana sequence helps accomplish this by developing and maintaining flexibility, building up muscle strength, and improving supplies of nutrients to tissues throughout one's body.

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