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What Do Women Want In Bed

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What women want in bed is no longer a mystery. Thanks to yourtango site a thousand women revealed what they really want and expect from men in sex. Without further ado, know what they like.

1. Being undressed slowly.

"I want my clothes removed slowly as if it were a gift," Debbie B.

"He has to take his time with me so he can level up the moment," Michelle S.

2. Sex in a public place.

"The possibility of being caught or seen ignites me very much." Ericka

"It does not matter that there is no penetration or something quick, public sex is very pleasurable," Dany said.

3. Really take control.

"I love to manage the situation, not always, but sometimes," Karen

"I want to have access to all parts of him, without being nervous," Vicky

4. Sex games, role-playing.

"I love when he dresses up in his old Navy uniform to have sex," Jessie said.

"When I put on stockings and heels he goes crazy and that excites me," Hanna said.

"What I like is being the perverse schoolgirl with everything and pigtails," Sandy

5. Variety in movement.

"There are times when I want him to go slow, with love and affection and other times I like it rough," Paula.

"I want an inside-out combination with a right turn, that accesses everything from me," Shanna.

"I want him to use his hands and his penis, to keep touching and make me feel like it's inside me," Bam.

6. All attention on her.

"There is nothing better than a massage in circles on the back," Yolanda.

"I love it when he does anything to make me come," Fran.

"I want to feel special and that he looks me straight in the eyes, I want to feel wanted," Samantha.

7. Always oral sex.

"I love it when he goes down on me, now and always want to have oral sex." Joanne.

"Going down is a very personal act, I like that he does it to me and I like to know that he wants to do it," Kat.

"I almost never reach orgasm with just penetration, I need oral sex," Anna said.

8. Take Control.

"If he lets me always take the reins I get bored. I want him to take me too," Lona.

"I like being mistreated fondly in bed, putting me up against the wall and pulling my clothes off," Shawn said.

"I want to know he's in control," Kris.

9. Never forget the previous games.

"I'm not a plug of light that only serves to connect," Monica.

"The foreplay is fundamental. The intelligence of a man is a switch of passion for me," Juanita G.

"That he speaks to me nicely, caress me and takes the time to stimulate me," MM

10. A kiss, a simple kiss can mean everything.

"What I like the most is that he kisses me deeply. I want to feel that he loves me," Marta.

"Sometimes I need a bite with my kisses. He needs to let me know that he cares for me beyond sex," Faith V.

"Kiss my lips, kiss the inside of my thighs, kiss my hand, kiss me every time he enters when we're making love" Michelle N.

"I like him to kiss me because it shows that he cares and I'm special," Betty.

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To learn more about What Do Women Want In Bed?, CLICK HERE:

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